about me

Welcome to Perriwillkesart!

" Perri Wilkes is a visual artist based in Cornwall & Devon who focuses on themes of ocean and nature. Mainly working in watercolour, ink and gouache, Perri manipulates these materials to capture the beauty and intricacy of the ocean world she sees around her."


Living in Devon and Cornwall, my art takes inspiration from the beautiful British coast as well as my adventures throughout the world. I mainly work in watercolour, enjoying the fluidity and unpredictability of this medium which in tern reflects the complexity of the ocean perfectly. 


Contact & FAQ's

Do you do commissions?
Yes of course, I am happy to work with you to make a bespoke piece of art based on your ideas. Just send me an message and let's start creating!

Can you customize artwork?
No problem! There are some customizable items in my store, but if you want something more specific just let me know.

Do you help customers with selection of frames for artwork purchased?
A lot of my products can be purchased with a frame, but if not I can help you to select the perfect one for your artwork.


Perri Wilkes